Left bed


Oh noooooo!!!  Lots of photos have disappeared from blog posts! This has never happened before. I am very concerned for many of you have told me that the images make my posts so interesting. There are even some of you who say you read the heading, look at the photos, then move on!

Yesterday evening I was checking e-mails and printing out some details when I got a message in my google  e-mail  that I could/should activate a service in which all google accounts would be linked/opened with one log-in. I pressed OK and got on with my other work.

Big mistake – all kinds of things started to happen. I decided I did not want this service and stopped it. I also removed those google downloaded programmes. When all was removed I did a long check to see if it was from a virus. See the attached image!  I got a positive result from the check.

I then looked at the blog and saw that many photos had been removed over a year. I talked to Stefan this afternoon. We checked my google e-mail and found nothing. We just scratched our heads and decided I must have just pressed some wrong buttons because I was doing something else, and not paying full attention. I can think of no other reason.

Sorry about this. I shall try to find the photos in my files and return them to the blog. I may also just remove some blog posts on the basis that you have already read them and will not look at the photos, or read the text, again.