Left bed

Old and New

I had my second meeting with Stefan and the ‘Photoshop Gang’ this afternoon. Nice to see them again and thanks to Helga for giving various things to equip Marcel’s new flat. Much appreciated!

We are continuing the theme of Old and New started last year. This time we have other developments to the theme. This can be with colour, or changing shape and size. I did this today.

The building on the right is well known to architects. It is the Karstadt departmental store at Hermann Platz. It doesn’t exist!  Stefan told me that the SS blew it up in April 1945.

The reason was to stop the Red Army from taking it over for it was full of food! The fact that Berliners were starving and needed the food does not appear to have influenced the decision! How much has not changed in war zones in the world?

Here you can see the building in an area of Berlin in which it was not built, and with different colours – which also did not exist. Don’t believe all you see on the internet!