Left bed

A cave

I got a lot of messages over Christmas and New Year. Thanks to all who sent them and who read this blog!  One was from Shirley in St Augustine, which you Silsdeners know is on the east coast of Florida and is famous as the oldest city in the USA!

I’m glad you remembered all that from my blog posts after I visited Shirley in May 2012. I met her family and friends Modesta and Judy. Last October, Shirley went to Alabama, with Modesta, where she took this photo of a cave. I think it is a remarkable shot, so hats off to you Shirley for your camera skills!

Shirley had a traditional family Christmas Fest. She spent Christmas Eve with her family, them played Bingo and won 125 dollars. Nice playing Shirley! She also told me that the north of Florida, where she lives, was affected by the cold winds blowing from the Arctic through Canada and into the USA. The good news is that they are now basking in the usual 28°C after the cold blasts.

She also told me that daughter P and her husband Z are giving her and daughter C a 7 day cruise in the eastern Caribbean for their birthdays! Very nice and generous of them – I wish I could be there! My sister P and her husband were on a cruise there a few years ago and still talk about it as a wonderful experience. Have fun and let us know how the cruise went.