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January 2014 things

2013 was a good year for me. The exception was the bad experience of Malta which ended the year. Being a good boy, I took my medicine, stayed mainly at home, did not infect others, kept warm and am now free of the flu virus.

 It gave me time to catch up on reading/books about philosophy, logic and mathematics. Yes, new discussion topics at request of M. as preparation for his studies. Today I found two books about/by Nietzsche. Read them during my first semester at uni. Now I have to read them again and make notes. At least it will keep me off the streets for a week!

I have just checked the statistics for my blog after logging on. I was surprised so decided to share the info. Please note: I cannot see any details of who visits my blog. I can only see from which country, which operating system and browser they used, and which post had the most/least clicks.

As you know, I started writing for sister Frances and cousin Barbara in Silsden, in the north-west of England. Since then my readership has changed. So far this week I have had 137 views. Topping the list is Australia with 31, followed by Germany with 18, Russia 18, Ukraine 16, Spain 11, Hungary 11, USA 11 and then comes UK with 10, before China 6 and Serbia 5. Wow – but how the readership really has changed!

I had 37 page views yesterday, 812 last month (Nov.2013) with a total of 24,990 since I started. Another 10 and I’ve hit the ‘magic’ 25,000. 68% of you use a Windows operating system, 26% use Internet Explorer as your browser followed by Apple’s Safari at 24%. I have no readers in Africa, Latin America, India, Middle or Far East. I’m very happy that people who I do not know read my blog. Try leaving a comment and introduce yourself. It is easy!

All the world is preparing special meals and parties to welcome in the New Year. I have been invited to a small party starting with coffee and cakes this afternoon. Those who know me well, are aware that I never spend the start of New Year not at home. And so it will be the same this year. Have a wonderful time with family and friends wherever you are celebrating. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Who has a birthday in January 2014? Peter hits 55 in Canterbury on 5th, Daniel in Brazil will be 29 on the 8th, Hannelore in France will celebrate her 71st with Peter – before I visit them again! Harald P. in Berlin hits the big 50 on 21st, Prof. Dr. Peter von LL slips into his 30th year in Potsdam on the 24th followed by Paul B. who will celebrate his 29th on the 27th with his new wife and son. Raise a glass and shout with me….Happy Birthday to each and all!