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Memorable Day

I’ve had a memorable day. I wondered which adjective to use and settled on memorable. It best describes the day. It started lazily with tea, medicine and a small piece of fruit bread, followed by reading another chapter of a book about philosophy and making notes for a discussion with Marcel on his return to Berlin.

Today it was about rationality followed by ideas about self-deception. I think I am in for some interesting evenings in January as we discuss these points. Many relate to logic, maths and physics. I like preparing such things for it takes me back to my life in academia before I entered English teaching.

I then got ready and walked over to Marita’s home. First meeting for ages. She has had a mixed year with health problems, and worries about her aged and ill mother, plus problems in the school where she teaches. Hours went by as we caught up on news, sipped tasty wine and enjoyed a traditional German Christmas dinner – very close to an English one! See the photo and guess what we ate!

She had a Christmas tree in her window and it was surprising how many people stopped to look at it – particularly children. Here is a photo of the tree. We decided to meet more often in the new year and do more things together – as we did in the past. Perfect ending to a memorable day!