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We greet people every day and, on special occasions such as birthdays, we send greetings. These usually take the form of cards. And so it is at this time of year when lots of people celebrate Christmas, if they are Christians, or to celebrate the passing of the shortest day.

It was a pagan festival in the north of Europe many years ago. Some say it was hi-jacked by the early church. Who knows, but for sure we all enjoy this holiday period for whatever reason. I was very happy to receive lots of cards on my early return home.

As usual, I saved all until the 24th then opened them. It is so pleasant to read the messages, news, attached notes, photographs and catch up with all kinds of family news. On photographs I note that what I remember as a baby is now romping around and what were boys and girls and now big teenagers. The passing of time!

I always enjoy looking at the range of cards sent. From the pious religious to the opposite. This year was no exception.

Lawrence of Arabia belongs still is a brilliant film made by David Lean. The actor who played Lawrence was Peter O’Toole. He died a week ago. I heard a dedication to him broadcast by BBC Radio 4. It included the following:-
                Interviewer: How do you know you are God?
               O’Toole: Because when I talk to him I discover I am talking to myself!

He should have got a gold medal for that never mind for acting!