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Best Wishes

It is Christmas Eve and all Germans are hurrying to family and friends – or getting ready to receive them. All shops and businesses closed. Trains and airlines full and cars hurrying to take families home. The weather is unusually warm at 10°C.

I’ve been to visit a few people, last minute food shopping and then I cooked. Yes, me- and not Marcel. Surprise! I created a new dish. Salmon baked in the oven with white wine, seasoning, sliced tomatoes, chopped onions, hot paprika from Hungary, sliced gurken and a dash of soy sauce.

This was served with Cappelletti filled with Ricotta cheese and Basilikum. I admit that I cheated on the latter and bought them ready prepared. Mmmmmh….it was tasty but next time I shall add some garlic and perhaps more hot chilli. All a matter of taste.

My German friends are now settling down to coffee and cakes, lots of chat, perhaps a drink and later this evening tucking into a warm meal. I beat them to it. I decided not to eat anything later than 6pm over the holiday period. Need to watch the waist line!

Father Christmas visits families/children this evening. In the UK it is in the night so the kids have a big surprise when they wake up tomorrow morning. Both cultures share a big Christmas Dinner on the 25th.

 I have been invited to spend it with Marita and friends. Lots of tasty food and things to drink for sure.  On Boxing Day I have been invited to an Italian meal with Max and family. At least it is different from the usual fare and should be an interesting experience. 

Let me end this post with a seasonal postcard I received on my return from Malta from Stefan. It is by Gerhard Glück and called Weihnachtsfreude = Christmas Joy.

I defy you not to smile as you see the pleasure on Mary’s face as Joseph plays with Jesus having fun jumping through Papa’s halo. Well, in those days they didn’t have TV to waste the evenings and had to make their own entertainment!

Have a great evening all, wherever you are, and if you have a halo see what fun you can have with it too:-)