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Warning to Alan – this is about eating again. You can skip this post! For the rest of you here is a small report about breakfast with some special people yesterday.

 Just after 10:00 am I arrived at Johanna’s for breakfast. In your part of the world this may seem a strange time to meet for breakfast. It was Saturday, so no hectic start to the day to get to work. One of the nice things about Berlin culture is taking your time at the weekend to enjoy a lazy, late breakfast.

Jutta and Gerald were already there, but they have the advantage of living at the top of the building so it is not far to go 🙂 Very warm greetings for we hadn’t seen each other since summer. Shortly after, Marcel arrived to complete the party.

I noticed how he charmed the ladies on arrival before announcing he was very hungry. To break-our-fast was why we had gathered so the tasty breakfast started. It is always a pleasure to meet there whether for breakfast or an evening meal when Johanna has visitors from all over the world. She is a very cosmopolitan lady!

As we ate, we exchanged stories about what we had been doing since our last meeting in summer. A very interesting exchange of adventures. I asked Marcel to tell them about our time at the Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin (which I told you about in a recent post). He spoke very well in German and there were lots of discussions following his report. Well done, Marcel!

I really like such long weekend breakfasts with interesting people, but alas the clock ticked away and it was time to go. The photos remind me of a memorable few hours, which I am happy to share with you.