Left bed


I have had a blissful three days! No appointments and no reason to go out into the cold. I can stay at home and read, clean the bathroom, put up a new shower curtain and then read more – and even go for a nap in the afternoon. Bliss!

That is exactly what I have done while taking my medicine for flu/di Grippe. I finished reading one book in German and one in English. I have resumed reading a thick tome about post-war Britain. Tomorrow I am going to my Oldie Breakfast. By then I hope to be clear of any flu germs and so shall not infect any of the Oldies.

After that I teach a lesson and in the afternoon I have two oldies as guests for Kaffee und Kuchen, plus lots of chat. I expect them to delay their departure so I have prepared a light supper just in case!

On Friday, I am going to Kertin’s Keep Fit for Oldies Gang. After doing some stretching and movement we are having our Christmas Party. I have been asked to bring 2 bottles of sekt = German version of Champagne. I’m looking forward to the delicious food the women members of the group prepare.

From there I gallop to my last Photoshop Gang meeting of the year. I then gallop to Alexander Platz to the Institute to teach a new student. On Saturday morning I am having a nice big lazy breakfast at Johanna’s in the company of Marcel, Jutta and Gerald.

We decided to meet for it is the last chance to do so before Christmas. In exactly one week from writing these words I shall be packing my large suitcase-on-wheels before heading for the airport. Four weeks in Valletta. It is the capital of Malta. I decided to spend Christmas there in 18°C , than in cold, gray Berlin.

Instead of Christmas cards, my family and friends will receive postcards from Malta. Even so, I have to get through the rest of January and February here, but then Spring is waiting to smile on us. I’ve done a number of things to prepare for my absence. One was to vote in the SPD coalition agreement. I posted my vote this morning!

Perhaps these images say something about my time on Malta. Not sure how much dancing I shall be doing, with or without ice skates, but I like the composition. I particularly like the other photo of a smiley aircraft taking me on holiday!