Left bed

Long necks

Last week saw the end of my teaching an examination course. The exam was last Friday. I am sure the students will do very well. Now I have more time for myself to do other things, including learning more German and meeting my Oldie groups.

I didn’t meet Marcel for he is intensively studying for his exams. I decided to leave him in peace to study and get ready for his parents visit. I may be able to help him decorating his flat and installing new furniture. Let’s see.

On Wednesday, I went to a party meeting then to a public meeting about education and schools in the area where I live. The hall was full of teachers and parents. Guests were the Senator for Education and an opposition politician specialising in education. It was a very interesting evening with lots of criticism from both parents and teachers. They clearly saw things differently from the Senator etc!

Yesterday I went to my Photoshop lesson and met the Gang for the first time in months. I had to miss the start of the new course due to teaching. It was nice to see them again and catch up on news. I noted how much I had forgotten in the long break. I had to ask for more help than normal but Stefan is always ready to give a helping hand.

We looked again at the photos we had taken during our summer picnic in Britzer Garten. I saw one with two giraffes for the first time. How could I not have noticed them walking by when I was there? In the background you can see half of the gang and they seem not to have noticed the animals. I couldn’t resist adding a few words. Have a relaxing Sunday!