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I had a new culinary treat yesterday evening. Alan – it’s about food and drink again so stop reading! For the rest, Marcel cooked Hungarian Meatballs!

The event started with a call saying he had slept well and done all his homework, so could he come over. I agreed.

He duly arrived with a bag of goodies to turn into meatballs. He also bought ‘krumpli’ to eat with them as well as sour and sweet gurkins. Nice mix. He set to work immediately and I just watched. We also caught up on each others news, including family and friends.

He put all the ingrediants onto the worktable. He then soaked two rolls in milk, added two eggs to the minced meat then added lots of seasoning. The trick was ground red paprika and chillis from Hungary! You will probably find these difficult to find/buy.

Lots of mixing different things into each other, filling a pan with vegetable oil, heating it, making the meat mix into small balls then dropping into the hot oil. Enjoy the nice smells as they cook, boil the krumpli, put gurkins onto table with plates etc, and get ready to eat.

They tasted really good. Much better than I expected. You can drink water, beer or dry red wine with this dish. Have fun, but don’t forget to add lots of spices and garlic. The meat can carry them. I now wonder if Marcel should stop studying and get a job as a chef!