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November 2013 things

So far my November looks to be quieter than October. No relief teaching, but you never know how quickly that can change. November is not one of my favourite months. I do not like grey, cold, wet days!

Tomorrow the month starts with a visit from Jan. His is in Berlin for a business conference. I look forward to seeing him post-India. A bonus is that Marcel will also be here tomorrow evening. It will be the first time they have met.

I also look forward to seeing them get to know each other in Hungarian, while I look on and offer more beer! Yes, I filled my fridge with beer this afternoon ready for their visit. I am sure I shall hear more about Jan’s India experiences.

What is happening in November? I’m teaching my group to the middle of the month. They then have their exam. After that, no teaching! This Sunday I am going to a concert at the Berlin Philharmonie. Shostakowitsch and Poulence = no sleeping through that! A week later I have another concert at the Kömische Oper. An all Russian programme. There are some special SPD meetings, but I shan’t bore you with details!

Who has a birthday in November? Jeff, Rob and Annie celebrate being 58 on the 19th in the Netherlands, Sarah hits 53 on the 22nd in London, Stephen will sip a pure whiskey for his 56th birthday on the 29th, and so end the month of birthday celebrations.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY each and best wishes!