Left bed


Nothing of interest on TV, and I finished my German lesson. I decided to go through my in-tray and found some interesting things long forgotten. Most are now in the waste bin. I found a list of neologisms sent at the beginning of the year.

They made me smile, so I thought you might too. They are from the Washington Post. There are many but I have picked the ones I like.

1. Coffee(n),  the person upon whom one coughs.
2. flabbergasted (adj), appalled over now much weight you have gained.
3. abdicate (v), to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.
4. lymph (v), to walk with a lisp.
5. Flatulence (n), emergency vehicle that picks you up after you have been run over by a steamroller.
6. Balderdash (n), a rapidly receding hairline.
7. Circumvent (n) opening in the front of boxer shorts worn by Jewish men.

Now to recycle that paper and see what is in the fridge = I have already abdicated!