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Summer again

It was summer again today. Blue sky, sunshine and 20°C. I went out with my autumn jacket and soon had to take it off. Then I noticed people wearing summer clothes and even young men in shorts! More sunshine please.

I have been keeping up with Spring/early Summer in Australia. Perhaps you have. I have friends there and so reports of fires threatening towns in the south-east is worrying. Even Sydney is choking from smoke. I hope it rains soon.

As summer returned to Berlin today, I gazed into my back garden and at the tree almost opposite my balcony. I remembered taking a photo of it a week ago as I noted that autumn colours were clearly evident. I decided to take another to see how the same view had changed in a week. See for yourself. It is clear how quickly autumn is on the march even with exceptional days like today.

This morning I got an e-mail from the organiser of the walk last Saturday. I had sent him a series of photos I had taken. He was pleased and shared a few taken with the camera on his phone. I think we shall stop buying cameras in the future as the quality of phone-cameras increases.

The shot of the ‘Kalb’ made me smile. What is there about such an animal that makes we humans want to stroke it?  I think there must be something from childhood images and memories which linger in later life. We also saw a crane in a field near to water. It looked very suspiciously at us as it kept an eye open for any fish swimming nearby.

I had a quiet morning before seeing Frau Fox for my German lesson this afternoon. I did all my homework which she checked. She explained the meaning, and use of some words and phrases, including who would use them, and in which situation. We are meeting in two weeks. She gave me more homework to do 🙁

Things will speed up from tomorrow with more teaching and other appointments. Marcel is visiting tomorrow evening for a cooking session before we watch football. Angelika called to ask me to go with her to a concert on Saturday. Looking forward to that. Have a nice rest of the week to all of you.