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I have always liked the Hindi name for India. I liked breathing out on the B and make sure I attached the H in the breathed sound. It also looks nice in the Hindi script called Devangari. It is closely linked to Sanskrit. I was reminded of this when I got photos from Jan last week.

As you should know, if you read my blog (!) Jan and Arancha had a dream holiday in north India a few weeks ago. I helped Jan to plan the trip mainly through the Delhi area, down to Agra and the Taj Mahal and off to Rajasthan via a visit to Fatehpur Sikri.

From there to Jaipur, where there are lots of things to see. The high point was a few days at Udaipur. This is a town in the south of Rajasthan near the borders to Maharashtra and Gujarat. In the middle of the lake is a palace build on the orders of the local Maharaja about 500 years ago.

It was build on a small island. The material was white marble. What else when you are a Maharaja? It is now a luxury hotel. I advised Jan to book in as a birthday present for Arancha. He did. A perfect break in a travelling holiday. Include it if you ever do this tour. You will never forget it. I never have 🙂

I was delighted to get photos from them, and Jan allowed me to post a few to share the experience with you. Many thanks to both. Here is a flavour of what awaits you!