Left bed

Settling in

Yesterday started with talking over skype, shopping, cooking lunch then visiting friends for ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’. Rushed home at 7pm just in time to open the door to Marcel.

He had been busy with his new flat, such as finding out the plus and ‘things-that-need-to-be-done’ minus points. It was nice to see him. We celebrated his change of stutus by drinking the last of Opas Palinka. Delicious!

He told me all about his day and expectations of living in the new flat as we cooked. During the meal I discovered the things he still needed. He was tired so asked if he could stay over. Of course I said he could, and so we settled into a lazy evening of TV and an extra glass.

This morning I collected the things he still needed from my cellar and packed them for him. One thing not there was a pure wool jacket which I have not worn for a couple of years. I asked him to try it on and he looked better in it than I had ever done, so I gave it to him.

Later we travelled to his new flat where I took a number of photos to send to his parents. Then I remembered the jacket and so took a few shots. Here are two of the best. Congratulations Marcel, welcome to another phase of life as a student in Berlin – with a nice pure wool jacket!