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Yesterday was Einheitstag in Germany. For the Silsdeners, this translates as (Re-)Unification Day. It celebrates the collapse of the Berlin Wall at the end of 1979, and the unification east and west Germany. I am sure you remember this.

Marcel  arrived and we decided to go for a bicycle ride to and around Muggelsee. It is in the south east of Berlin and I have posted many reports about my adventures there on this blog. We took the S-Bahn to Friedrichshagen then cycled down one of my favourite streets.

It is the main road from the S-Bahn to the lake about one mile to the south. It is called Böttcherstrasse. I really like the variety of small shops, bars, a cinema, restaurants and the architecture and atmosphere.

When we got to the lake we found lots of waves created by an easterly wind and lots of sailing boats enjoying the wind on the water. I also liked the sun on the water for it is dropping each day and so you get different light and shadows. A very pleasant relaxed day for us!