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Marcel cooks

A strange thing happened yesterday. I got a call from Marcel on my mobile asking when I would be  home.

I said after 5:00 pm, so he said he was coming round with some food and wanted to cook. That has never happened before!

He duly arrived complete with shopping bag and unloaded the contents onto my kitchen workplace table next to the cooker. He then turned on his laptop. It went onto the internet and he quickly found the site he wanted.

It was in Hungarian and gave details of how to cook a dish complete with lots of big coloured pictures.

 Marcel followed all the instructions to the letter. My function was just to tell him where the knives, glass cooking dishes etc were.

He soon got everything ready, then into the oven. As we waited, he contacted his parents via the internet and I also had a chat with them.

 Chat over and food ready. He took it out of the oven, onto table, filled two glasses with red wine and then we tucked in.

It was delicious, as you can see from his happy face! Guess what we had for ‘afters’? No fruit or ice cream for we were too full. We sipped a very cool glass of ‘Opa’s Home Made Palinka’ 🙂 Na, prost!