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The Result.

We lost! It is as simple as that. After voting, I did some lesson preperation then a Genossen called Bert knocked on my door. We went to a bar/restaurant two S-Bahn stops away and a short walk.

We got there just before 6:00 pm. That was when the polls closed and the big TV political programmes started. It was full of local SPD activists. I was warmly greeted and settled in to watch the results as I sipped a cool Lübzer beer!

We soon got the first forecasts and it was not good. I didn’t hear any cheers, but the party did increase its share of the vote nationally. It also increased its vote where I live, but came in at third place after die Linke Partie and Merkel’s CDU.

Here are a few photos of my fellow party workers enjoying being together and sharing views about the results. Back to the drawing board and working for the next four years to get a better result:-)