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Afternoon Tea

I recently got a postcard from cousin Barbara. She is one of the people for whom I write this blog. She is a lovely, warm-hearted, generous, intelligent, open, life-enjoying person.

She reads my blog regularly and sometimes comments, but via e-mail and not the comment section of the blog. She is also very computer savvy and can handle new technology with no problem. She took the videos about 50 years ago which you can find in the left-hand column of this blog.

I always go to Betty’s Tea Room with her and my sister when I visit my ‘Heimat’ each summer. She clearly remembered this when she was recently on holiday in Berwick. This is a very nice town/area in the north-east of England.

Thanks for the thought and card so I can share it with others while I remember the taste of afternoon tea at Betty’s in Ilkley 🙂