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Britz Revisited

I know I posted a story about a visit to Britzer Garten a few posts ago…….there has to be a but in a sentence which starts like this ………BUT I recently got these photos.

They came from Stefan who leads our Photoshop group. He posted them to my blog e-mail, which I hardly ever look at, hence the delay between the event and me finding the photos. I selected these for they clearly show how much fun we had and I hope they make you smile.

The background story starts in summer 2012, when we had our first picnic/photo shoot there. We had  bottles of sekt as arranged, but we didn’t think about glasses to drink from. We found a solution. It was to become dogs!

We had some plastic dessert plates so we improvised and used them as glasses. We had such fun and laughed such a lot that we decided to repeat this year, even though we had glasses. Sekt tastes better when you lap it up like a dog 🙂

I suspect we shall have to repeat it each summer party! I open the event with a photo of me about to eat a Wurst (sausage) dipped in Bautzen Senf/mustard. The town is famous for its Senf and for its prison 🙁  I have only sampled the former.