Left bed


After my visit to the market, I took my camera for a last walk on the path in the valley below Claviers. I reflected on the things I had experienced, the tastes, smells and sounds of La Var. I did not want to pack my bag and leave after lunch.

I took a shot of the village from below and even managed to take one of Peter and Hannelore’s house. It is the one with the green sunshade on the roof. The house in front is home to an elderly couple from England.

We had a hearty lunch complete with the wine I had bought after visiting Mons. I then had a doze before packing my suitcase and setting off for the airport. I enjoyed my last views of La Var as we sped towards Nice and the plane.

It was full of German speakers. No surprise there for it was flying to Berlin. I opened my door at 11:00 pm and so returned to life here, but with my head still full of Claviers and the generosity of a very nice couple:-)