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 On the way back to Claviers, we stopped at a well known wineyard. I wanted another example of the local wine culture. I was given a wine tasting session by a delightful lady who spoke to me in English and German.

We got on very well and that is perhaps why I got such generous amounts to taste! I bought a bottle of the best red. It was very tasty but not as full and round tasting as the bottle from the Benito family vineyard. I think I would still give them the gold medal!

On returning home from exploring the area, the first thing I did was to mix a traditional G&T then sip it on the terrace as I watched the sun go down on the hills. Mmmmmh…..delicious and just the right way to relax into the evening.

Next morning was my last so I wandered around ‘The Market’ on the main street. As you can see it is not very big, but it supplies the locals with all the fresh fruit and vegetables they need in addition to goodies from the butcher.