Left bed


With the sun shining and bright blue sky, we set out for Fayence last Friday. It is north-east of Claviers and a popular tourist place. I think the attraction is the old town, shops and the superb view from the ruined castle.

One turret survived and is now the place where all those with cameras head, to snip and snap the plain and distant mountains. I did the same as you can see in one shot taken by Hannelore. We had lunch there and got into conversation with a young English family.

Later we drove north to Mons. No, it is not the place where international racing takes place! It’s a pretty village perched on top of a high ridge with a winding road to the top. I liked it immediately. Next to the car park was an area where old men were playing bowles.

We set out to explore the place and discovered the town hall with flags flying, the market square with a fountain and a sleepy cat. Actually it discovered Peter. He sat down on a seat and the cat jumped onto his lap, circled while purring then settled down to sleep.

When we moved to see more of the centre it followed him. I wonder why it selected him and not Hannelore or myself, but then babies always go to him to gurgle and play.