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Big School

Marcel has joined a big school. It is called the Technische Universität Berlin. It was created in 1879 when three colleges merged. It specialises in technological research. It has the highest proportion of foreign students at any university in Germany. They number 5,600 or 21% of all students.

In 2012, it was ranked 45th in the world for engineering and technology. In mathematics it is No.1 in Germany and 46th in world rankings. Nicht schlecht!  The uni alumni includes 10 Nobel Prize winners. Auch nicht schlecht!

It has 7 schools of study, 28,200 students in more than 50 subjects and 7,600 people work there including 323 Professors. Wow, but you certainly picked the right place, Marcel. Now I can understand his determination to study there.  His speciality is mathematics and physics.

In addition, he has been reading introductory books about philosophy and learning to play the guitar. This is in addition to playing the flute very well. I posted photos of him doing this in a cafe last Christmas. Music and logical thinking have always been linked.

I wonder if he will get a Nobel Prize for developing some super mathematical formula for revealing the mysteries of the universe and all that moves? Mmmmh….an interesting idea. Watch this space:-)

Meanwhile, have a great time as a student in Berlin doing all the crazy things that students (should) do. Well, you can’t do that when you are 70, so do it all now! Welcome to a very big school, Marcel. It’s great to have you here.