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September 2013 Things

August started warm and with more time for myself to be lazy. This included reading while sunning myself on the balcony, or in the garden. As the month moved towards September, other plans, appointments and activities popped into the diary. Nothing new about that for the summer holiday was ending and life in Berlin began to return to normal.

The later highspots were visitors from the UK and Hungary and you can read this on the blog. Marcel succeeded in his German exam and is packing his bags as I write these words. He is taking an overnight coach from Budapest to Berlin in five hours.

He plans to sleep the night away as the coach takes him through Slovakia, the Czech Republic and through southeast Germany until it stops in the ZOB in Berlin at 12:30 tomorrow. Marga and I shall be there to see him stagger out of the coach.

We expect him to be very hungry so we plan to find a restuarant relatively soon. Then I shall steer him through Berlin to the ‘wild’ east where I live. I have arranged for him to stay with Johanna. I have already told you about her on this blog and there is a photo of me with her on the page behind this one.

On Monday morning I shall take him to the TU to sign in and do as much paperwork as possible. This includes opening a bank account, getting health insurance and a travel pass.Heike D. and Marga are busy looking for a place in a student home, but his could take months!

As he settles into life in Berlin as a student, I shall be ‘swanning off’ to Nice in the south of France in the second week of the month. Hannelore will meet me and take me to their house in Claviers for a short holiday. Peter is now feeling better after the operation and wants me to visit. Happy to oblige!

Who has a birthday in September? Lynne B. in Cas-Vegas starts the month with her 66th on the 1st of September, Charlotte in London will be 22 on the 6th. This is a day she shares with Nevand in Berlin who will be all of 7 on that day. Liebe Andrea hits 28 on the 8th, Stephen in Cambridge will be 43 on the 22nd, Robert G. hits 35 on the 23rd, Sylvana will celebrate her 53rd with Mathias in Berlin on the 25th, Lew G. will celebrate his birthday with my sister Pauline on the 27th in Cambridge. Silke my camera teacher will celebrate her 43rd on the 28th, followed by nephew Jefferson who will be 40 on the 29th in Hook and so ends the birthday month.

Have a wonderful day each and all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and enjoy the celebrations!