Left bed


Marcel and his parents left Hungary for Berlin the day after Neil and Barbara settled into Berlin. A long drive and made longer by lots of road repairs on the way. They needed twelve hours from home to their hotel near Checkpoint Charlie in the centre of Berlin.

I couldn’t meet them for I had a full day including an evening appointment. We had already organised things over the internet before they left Hungary. Last Friday I met Neil and Barbara at a U-Bahn in the south-west of Berlin. Marcel was then taking his German exam to study at the TU.

My Photoshop Gang had arranged to meet at Britzer-Garten for a photo taking session and have a picnic. We spent most of the time on the latter, and less on the former!

It was a really pleasant time with perfect weather. Neil and Barbara immediately felt at home. Half of them could speak English so they were able to communicate without help. Here is a photo of them with my gang. You can see they were enjoying themselves.