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Pie Time

I’ve just been sorting through some papers and found a letter from Alan and Lynne. The main story was about the German boss of Haribo in Wakefield being made Business Person of the Year. The company is to open a new factory.

I then turned over the page and found this. My eyes opened wide. Pork pies! Lots of them!!  The quality of the copy is not very good but I think you get  the idea.

The story is about a pie eating competition at a farming event. A policeman called PC Grayson was crowned King of the Pie Eaters. You can see him at the front of the photo, wearing a light green top, and a dedicated pie eaters face.

Mmmmh…I could just eat a pile of pork pies now. Instead, I have the left overs from my garden party yesterday. Enjoy your lunch!