Left bed


I’ve just booked my flight to France. Endlich! I called Hannelore and Peter this morning to get the latest news of Peter’s health. I expected to talk to Hannelore. She was reading on the terrace so Peter picked up the phone.

What a nice surprise. He is now recuperating at home. It was great to talk to him but I could hear a weakness/tiredness in his voice. No surprise given the operation and problems he has been through lately.

He said he wanted me to visit them and that he was well and fit enough to have a visitor = me!  We agreed that I would look for a flight and then phone back to see if this was convenient.  I did just that.

I am flying to Nice in the second week of September to spend a week with them. I called Peter back to ask if this was okay. He immediately said, “Book it now!” I did as told.

I’m looking forward to seeing them both and getting to know the sights, sounds and smells of the Provence again! Why did I always have problems to learn French given I feel at home when I am in France?

Sharing one of my favourite summer pics with you. It has nothing to do with France, but I just like this shot of Trish. Why don’t you come with me Trish?