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I’ve just got back from Wandlitz. I can hear the Silsdeners asking where it is! It is a small town on a lake called Wandlitzsee. See means lake in German. It is to the north-west of Berlin. It was my first visit. It will probably by my last!

One of the ‘oldies’ in one of my  ‘oldie’ gangs suggested a trip there. Four of us agreed to go. Only two appeared at the meeting point today. I think the other two had heard something we hadn’t.

Wandlitz is (in)famous as the place where members of the DDR Politburo had their summer/weekend retreat houses in a heavily guarded enclosure. Their enclosure is now a tourist sight next to a large clinic for the terminally ill. An interesting combination!

We walked across the road to the lake to discover you could only go to the shore if you paid and that all of the shore line is not accessible. Since reunification, owners of shore-line properties have taken over the bits that go to the shore/beach.

Bad luck for the rest. There is no access to the beach except the small public one for which you have to pay. We decided on a walk. It was cold, windy and not very summer like. Another discussion led to a retreat to a nice German restaurant.

Good food and a glass of cool Riesling soon improved the mood. Here are a few photos of the event and you can compare the weather to that in my last post when we were sweating in 30+°C. My photos then showed the end of the high heat period of summer. Pity! More sun please 🙂