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End of Summer

Last week I watched the end of summer in Berlin. Upon my return from Hungary a period of unusual hot and humid days started. The days turned into weeks with almost no break in the weather pattern.

And then it did, but not in the usual thunder storm way. There was a rapid cooling and high winds one night. This change woke me at 4.30am. With bleary eyes I went to my balcony and watched an interesting ‘sky’ show.

There were rapid changes of colours and it was really light for that time in the morning. As I watched my brain woke up and suggested I take a few photos. I finally got the camera into action and these are two of the shots I took.

They were taken with a time difference of about 1 minute. You can see how quickly the same patch of sky was changing. Amazing! I instinctively knew I was watching something very special. From then, the weather has returned to its usual late summer pattern.

You can see for yourself from the picture taken today and in the next post. Look at the overcast sky, the temperature was low and a cool wind was blowing. I also want to go back to Hungary.  Marcel has gone back to Balaton which is enjoying 30+°C today!