Left bed


I’ve just got back from Falkenberg. I don’t go there very often. I think today was the third time. The other times I just went through it by bicycle. I can hear the Silsdeners asking where it is!

From where I live, get on Tram 27 and get out at the last stop. Walk 5 minutes and you are there. It is a very small part-district to the north east of Berlin. It is almost over the border in the state of Brandenberg. You won’t find it on any tourist map!

I went there on the recommendation of Johanna. We planned to cycle there but due to changes in the  weather, we switched to the local tram. My camera teacher, Sylke, came along. We hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

In Falkenberg, Johanna led us to our target. An old single story building now housing a cafe. It is owned by a lady from Canada, but I don’t think she served us. Its reputation is growing by word of mouth. This means simple home made food and quality.

It is excellent. The atmosphere, food, service and general ambiance are perfect for a lazy few hours, no matter the weather. I really liked it and shall go back before snow starts to fall! The weather is changing.

Huge storms yesterday evening, cooler next week with more rain. My routine is returning to the pre-holiday pattern. I think the days of enjoying 30°C, while sleeping under a tree in my garden, are over.

Pity! I have really enjoyed the last three months. I could do it all again 🙂