Left bed

Na, prost!

And so all good things come to an end. I didn’t want to get into the car and head for the airport at Budapest. Ilonka was working, so Sandor drove me and Marcel came along.

I started this series of posts about my holiday in Hungary with the news that I had safely arrived back in Berlin. That is also the end point of the story.

Lots of happy memories with many to do with meals and having a drink. Hungarian hospitality has both at the centre.  To end here is a photo of Ilonka offering a cold bottle of ‘champers’ to me when I arrived at their house in Miskolc for the first time.

The other is of us on my last evening when we drank a glass of Opa’s red wine and left a message to Marga saying. ” Opas’s Red Wine is waiting for you!” A very nice way to end my series of posts.

Thanks for your e-mails expressing interest in the country and capital city! Nice to hear from you even if you did not use the Comment function.