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School’s out for ever

Many years ago there was a pop song called, ‘School’s out for summer’. It was an English band if my memory serves me right, but I can’t remember anything else.

I thought about it again as Marcel asked me to accompany him to his school to meet his closest friends. They are Csaba and Dines. You met them on my blog a year ago when they visited Berlin.  They all graduated at the end of June. School really is out and for good!

Their school is in the centre of Miskolc and is equivalent to a High School College in the USA and a Grammar School in England. They all got high marks. Marcel got a 1:2 which is excellent. They are all going to study at different universities from September.

They wanted to show me around and that I take photos. Here are a few. I think they really enjoyed re-living their years, particularly when they showed me the door to their last classroom – 12C. Csaba wanted to show me their gym. He likes sports!

We then walked a short distance to the main street and found a popular student bar. It was hot so we decided to cool down with a beer. You can see it was the right decision. The best way to close a chapter of their lives as they prepare for the next one.