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Opa’s Birthday

We duly arrived from the mountain to relax in the shade offered by grape vines in Opa und Oma’s three gardens running from the house to the lake shore. Was I happy to be there, relax and let myself be looked after by different ladies in the family.

Opa celebrated his 81st birthday and I am sure you will agree with me that he does not look that age. He is a very active man. He has lots of things in his weekly diary. In addition to looking after a number of vineyards, making his own wine and ‘schnapps’, the vegetable gardens, fishing and lots more, he sometimes has time to relax and read the papers.

He and his wife speak very good German. Everyone in the family over 35 spoke German with me. Only Marcel, Alex and their teenage cousins spoke English with me. It is interesting for Alex speaks fluent German and Marcel’s German is good enough for him to study in the language. Even so, the younger ones only wanted to speak English with me.

At the party we only spoke German so that no one was excluded from conversation. The younger ones in the family spoke English with me when no other members were present out of respect. I like this. What a pity that the English can only speak one language and with even more mistakes and difficulties than a decade ago!

Opa has a disarming quality about him. He could sell snow to Eskimos! Every morning when I came down for breakfast he would be waiting for me at the table with two glasses and a bottle of the special ‘medicine’ he had made.

I had to drink two glasses before food was placed in front of me and chewing began. His ‘medicine’ has to be tasted to be believed. Mmmmmh…..it now sits in the Fish’n Chip and Pork Pie Tasty Heaven!! I could really enjoy a glass or three as I write these words 🙂

Here are a few photos of his party for you to enjoy. I am sure you will agree with me that he is a person who really enjoys life and will join with me in wishing him many more years to enjoy it with his remarkable family. Thanks Opa for sharing your special day with me!