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Keep Climbing

Just behind Opa und Oma’s house is a mountain/rest of a volcano. It is 438 metres high. I climbed it! When I read these words I can still hardly believe it! At my age and with 31°C temperature. It seemed like a good idea at the time 🙂

There was a special day. It was Opa’s birthday. His daughter Ilonka travelled from the north by train to Budapest. There, son No.1 called Alex(ander) picked her up in his new chicy Mini S Cooper (a la BMW). He drove her to her parents house for her father’s birthday. It was a Sunday.

Son No.1 (Alex) and son No. 2 (Marcel) decided they needed a bit of exercise and adventure, and that I needed the same! I was told that we were going to climb the mountain at the back of Badacsony. “Oh, great,” I moaned. Off we went.

The ‘Boys’ were generous and went very slowly so that I could keep up with them. After many stops, and swilling water into my mouth while panting, we arrived at the top. Wonderful views over the lake south of us and we could even see Opa and Oma’s house. Here is a photo of them with the view down to the town in the middle.

Here is another of them climbing the mountain and being patient enough to wait for me. I think my loud panting must have slowed them down!  The family were waiting for a call that, “Uncle John has arrived at the top and is still alive”, and so Opa’s party preparation started.