Left bed

Get well

Get well very soon, Peter!  I got a call mid-morning and was delighted to hear Hannelore’s voice. The usual pleasant introduction but something in her voice said all was not well!

She then told me Peter was in hospital. He had a heart attack earlier in the month and an operation. A tube was inserted into a vein leading to his heart. Standard procedure, but it became infected. Lots of treatment, pain and he is still there.

On her recent visit they decided I should be told so that I could try to cancel my flight. I told her about my thrombosis and that on docs orders I had not yet booked my flight. We agreed to keep in regular contact and still try to meet at their house in Claviers in the south of France in early September.

Hope to see you there Peter. Meanwhile, here are some flowers until I can personally present you with some!