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August 2013 things

I hope August will be as interesting as July has been! Many things are returning to my diary dates. Activites to help the SPD in the election in September are clear to read. Teaching the oldies on a Thursday afternoon is also there, as is the Oldie Breakfast each Thursday morning.

My doc has allowed me to resume stretching and movement with Kerstin’s Senior Group next Friday morning. Things are slowly returning to normal! There are even two meetings with Stefan and my Photoshop Gang in August.

One is at Familie Schröder’s Garden House for coffee-cakes and later a ‘Grillen’ session. A week later we are meeting for a picnic in Britzer Garden, and take photos of the flowers etc. to use in the next series of meetings. Looking forward to all that and seeing their smiling faces again.

Also looking forward to seeing Marcel in Berlin. He arrives with his parents to take a German exam 24 August. His study place at the TU Berlin is riding on this. Fingers crossed! I’m looking forward to seeing the family again and with Marga who has got to know his parents much better this year.

Who has a birthday in August?

Christian will celebrate his 19th in Dublin tomorrow. He shares 1st August with Shirley in St. Augustine who will be a little over 70! Happy memories of my birthday with her and friends in 2012. Here is a nice photo of Judy, Modesta and Shirley taken the evening before my return to Berlin. How I miss the pool and beach 🙂

Beatrix hits 40 on 6th August in Köpenick, Jerome will be 19 and celebrate with his family in Marzahn on the 8th.
Peter and Andre celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary on the 9th in Alt-LB. I went to their wedding and can’t believe it was so long ago. Nicole with celebrate being 68 on the 21st in a good old French style  – I hope. Jürgen will be 69 on the 24th, Angelika from the Kömische-Oper Orchestra will be 61 on the 25th.
 My sister Pauline will celebrate her 69th birthday with family in Cherry Hinton on the 26th. Dieter will also be 69, but on the 27th. He shares this day with my dear Birgit who died on 27th August 2004.

 Finally, my one and only Jan will be 30 on the 28th August. I hope he manages to make it to Berlin for it would be nice to celebrate such an important birthday with him and his lovely sister Andrea – not to mention his Arancha. Jan shares his day with Bernhard P. who will be 53. I guess he will be somewhere in the world organising part of the next Olympics!
 Wherever you are and whoever you are with — Have a wonderful day and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EACH AND ALL!