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Day out

I had a day out today. I went to an S-Bahn station north of where I live and met Johanna. Can I hear my Silsdeners asking who she is? She lives not too far from my place, is a long time friend of Jutta and Gerald and hosted my 1st Birthday Party. See recent posts!

We had arranged this at my 1st Birthday Party and Ursula joined us later. She was also at my party. You can see both in the photopraph. We went to the east of Berlin to one of my favourite areas. I have shown photos about it earlier on my blog.

The last time I went there was last July when Marcel was in town. He liked the area and so did my two fellow cyclists. We stopped the bicycle tour at the top of a lake. Time for lunch. We sat outside with a view onto the northern part of the water.

Much later we mounted our trusty bikes and headed back towards Berlin. We got to a town called Altlandsberg where the skies opened. We made for the nearest bus stop shelter and huddled against the storm.

We donned plastic capes and headed for the nearest S-Bahn station as the rain eased and blue skies slowly appeared again. We ignored this and just talked about the nice parts of the day as we returned to Berlin. We plan another bicycle trip next Wednesday. Watch this space 🙂