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Over the tops

With the smell of freshly baked pork pies filling the car, I drove ‘over the tops’ to Silsden. 
You can go  this way over the hills or take the valley road there. I had almost forgotten what it was like so I took the adventurous route. 

Lots of up and down hills then I came to Kildwick. It is a tiny farming village dominated by Kildwick Hall. I had forgotten how nice it looks on a sunny day, but then most things look nice on a sunny day! 
Here is a shot of the old house. I have no idea who lives there now. Probably one of the new rich robber bankers who invested his bonus here. 
As I drove over the hills and slowly descended into Silsden, I took a few more shots of the valley. Some of you still ask where I am from and what it is like.  Here you can see for yourself. 
I escaped when I was 16. I was one of the lucky ones! Most people say how pretty or attractive it is. Well, er…yes … er…but not when you are 16 and your ‘sap is rising’. Time to explore bigger places!