Left bed


Once upon a time a really nice couple who live on The Wirral bought a dog. They liked it so much they bought another. That created a problem!

They couldn’t hop onto cruise ships to the Bahamas, or other warm places, for they had to look after two dogs.  They found a solution: That was to buy a caravan so they could all go on holiday together.

And so it came to pass that they found a sleek and shiny 26 foot caravan with enough space for lots of dog toys and dog food. That created another problem!

Their car was not powerful enough to tow the new caravan with or without dogs in it. The looked for a solution. They bought a nice shiny Audi SUV with a nice powerful motor. And so the story ended happily for all.

Thanks Barry and Pam for being generous hosts again. I really like relaxing in the garden. Next time I shall make off with the Audi when you are playing with the dogs in the garden 🙂