Left bed


I drove to Brighton from Hook through small winding roads flanked by trees, fields and the green of early summer in the south of England. I only got lost once so I was clearly making progress!

My target was Mike (see left photo) and Sylvia’s large Georgian terrace house near to 7 Dials. Here is a pic with my little car outside the entrance.

I used to live in a flat opposite this house. The reason was to celebrate a number of people being together in London/Brighton for the first time in years.

We all met at Sussex University, graduated and went our separate ways but we always maintained contact. The internet and e-mails later made it easier to do so. Ian was over from Australia (photo above – right), Trish from Turkey und ich aus Deutschland!

We had a great reunion which started in a restaurant and ended at 2:00 am in the house. There was a lot of talking and a range of empty bottles next morning to testify to the splendid time had by all 🙂

Next day I put Trish into the car and we paid an unplanned visit to the university. After that I took her to a village near Lewes and knocked on a door. Neil and Barbara got the nice surprise of seeing Trish for the first time in years. The beaming faces show it all!