Left bed

Baby Girl

I hired a small black Vauxhall in Liverpool for my recent stay in England. Kissing the Audi goodbye, I drove  over the hills and far away only getting lost six times. I finally arrived in Silsden to stay with family.

A welcome plate of Fish’n Chips greeted me. Thanks Geoff! Having consumed that and a good nights sleep I drove to my bank to clarify a number of things. I also picked up some ‘Dosh’ to see me through the holiday.

Then I hit the road south. It was a long journey made bearable by music from BBC Radio 3. They were celebrating Wagner’s 200 year anniversary, so Brünnhilde und Siegfried came down the M1 with me! My destination was Hook.

My nephew and family live there and I wanted to cuddle Bethany, the new addition to the family. I found the house after only getting lost three times. That was not bad given I had only been there once before, and that was two years ago.

It is always a pleasure to walk into their home for it is full of children and warmth. I got my cuddle wish as soon as I arrived. She just smiled at me and said nothing. More big smiles and my heart melted! Here is a photo of the ‘Three Treasures’.

A very welcome meal washed down with a tasty glass of red ended an interesting day. Next morning I went with mum and baby to a farm shop where we had coffee before I set off on my travels again.