Left bed

A Sign

Time for me to show a sign of life! Since my return from Hungary one week ago, the weather has been superb! Classic summer days of sun, blue sky and some people complaining that at 30°C it is too hot – we always get them don’t we?

Health has dominated my return. A thrombosis in my right leg started when I was in Hungary. Ilonka took me to a community hospital for treatment. I was told I was lucky that it was not in a deep vein! Even so, it was painful and expanding in the vein.

I got tablets and gel and told to report to a surgeon at a hospital for further checks. I went to one in Miscolc and after seeing the queue decided to follow up treatment in Berlin. I went to my doc who confirmed everything the Hungarian doc had said.

More tablets and a prescription to get some compression stockings made. They should be ready tomorrow. All training and any physical activity was banned until my doc gave me clearance, which should be tomorrow morning. Watch this space.

Last week I was lazy and enjoyed it. I finished my book in German and started another yesterday. I also had visitors on Friday for coffee, cakes and supper in the garden. Marga visited yesterday and we had a super day being lazy in the garden. Today I’m visiting some ‘Oldies’ for lunch and a slow walk along a lake.

Here are a couple of photos showing me in more ‘active’ mood in Hungary 🙂