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July 2013 Things

I flew back to Berlin yesterday evening. A long day, late arrival and a late sleep-in this morning. Call from Ian to say he was also in Berlin and we agreed to meet in Alexander Platz. We did this, had lunch then walked to the orginal bit of Berlin near the river. Nice to see him in the city where he lived during the 90’s and where he met Birgit.

July looks to be interesting. In addition to my flight tomorrow, I note the following. David died tragically young five years ago on the 3 July. I went to his funeral. My Acer laptop will be two years old on the 6th. Paul and Rebecca marry on Sunday 7 July in Gloucester. Jan and Arancha will be there. On 24 July I shall celebrate my first year as a German citizen with a small party in Berlin.

Who has a birthday in July? Laura Bolton in England will be 17 on 1st July = today! Jutta Müller will be 65 on the 2nd of July. Adele in the UK will be over 40 again on the 26th and ends the month of birthday celebrations. Have a wonderful day wherever you are. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!