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Max visit

I’ve had a very busy week which ended with a visit from Max. In case the Silsdeners are asking who he is, the answer is that I have posted about him before. In short, we worked on a library project some years ago then I helped him to get a university place.

He called me earlier with the results of his English test. He had just ‘scraped through’ so decided to take a course to improve his score. It is run on a Moodle Platform. I went to a Moodle workshop last year and told you about it on my blog. Remember? I knew enough to be able to help him.

He duly arrived with laptop, notes etc, but first he was hungry and wanted breakfast. No surprise there. We had a traditional ‘solid’ breakfast – as you can see in this photo. We are meeting next at the beginning of August after our respective holiday to see how his English is.

I had less teaching in the week due to student illness and holidays, but I managed an extra training session. I also relaxed on my balcony in the sun so got a light tan and nearly finished a book. I went to the SPD central office. I was invited to a party/reception for new members. A very nice evening.

Tomorrow I am having a day out with Marga. Next week is even busier as I finish things off before my flight to the UK. I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends. Hope your next week is a relaxed one.