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June 2013 Things

I’ve really enjoyed May inspite of the weather! The highpoint was the trip to Ireland to celebrate my BIG birthday. I also liked settling back into life in Berlin and listening to …. guess what?……yes, the Berliners complaining about the weather 🙂

What’s happening in June? The month starts tomorrow with me going to a SPD six hour workshop about migration and integration. I am on my local party committee about the subject and we are all now trying to learn more about the subject/topic. I wonder if I can cope with  six hours?

Next Monday I’m going to my first meeting of Toastmasters to see if I can learn anything about making presentations in German. Let’s see what happens! I have been invited to join other new SPD members at a welcome party at Willy Brandt Haus. I’m looking forward to the event.

Other party events follow, plus standing in for more teachers. There is a concert of music by  Kissine and Rachmaninow on Friday 14 June. After that I have a quiet weekend in which I can pack my bag before flying to the UK for two weeks. I shall be joining some of the family members you can see on/in this old black and white photo! I’m almost hidden on the back row, centre-right.

Who has a birthday in June? Nicholas B. starts the month on the 3rd June. I shall share a bottle with him and family in the UK later that month! My iMac has its 6th birthday on the 6th – but it still works okay inspite of advancing age (a bit like me).  On the 19th June my father would have been 101 years old and my mother ‘only’ 95 years old!  Back to Berlin. Hermann will be 76 on the 25th and that is it for birthdays in June. Happy birthday to each and all (who are alive) and have a great day with family and friends!