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I went to Poland today. I can hear the Silsdeners saying,”What, just like that?”. Yes, just like that for there is a train to the border each hour from my local station at Lichtenberg.  It was not planned. The day started with a visit to a large electronic store.

Yesterday I bought the wrong DVD, so I took it back and got the right one. It is called Django and is a Tarantino film. I saw it in the cinema and commented on this blog. A must see film and a must have DVD in your collection!

On my way home I noted that a train to the Polish border was leaving in ten minutes. I just decided to jump on it. I had no passport or ID with me.

Don’t need it/them these days. The line is now run by a private company. I was impressed by/with the train and service.

It is many years since I regularly made the train journey to Kustrzyn. From there Polish friends met me and took me to their home in Gorzow Wielkopolski.

Happy times and memories. In those days Poland was not in the EU, so there were border/police controls at the station.

No more. I was able to wander around and slip back down memory lane. It was nice hear people speaking Polish around me, see local produce in shops and enjoy a solid tasty Polish meal. To just taste local potatoes is one reason alone to make the trip!

Back to the station and the journey back. It only takes one hour and twenty minutes. That is how close I live to Poland.

My trip was not planned so I also had no camera. The solution was to use my mobile phone. Not the best quality but at least a few pics to illustrate the day.