Left bed


Last Sunday I took tram 27 and arrived at Köpenick Town Hall exactly at noon as arranged.  It was an ‘oldie’ lunch meeting. One oldie was waiting for me. We sat and waited for more.

Nothing happened. It is sometimes useful to have a mobile phone – or as the Germans named the invention, a ‘handy’!

Upon calling said absent oldies I discovered, (a) the grandchildren had suddenly arrived (b) we had forgotten about the meeting – sorry! (c) we don’t feel very well.  The present oldie and I decided to go to a local restaurant and try to salvage something from the arrangement.

I had been to the restaurant before and knew it for simple good quality dishes at a reasonable price. It hadn’t changed. It was nice to relax in the sun and enjoy a tasty meal. From where I sat I could look out onto the river and enjoy the view. Sometimes tourist boats came by. It was very relaxing.

After the meal we headed east towards my favourite lake in Berlin. It is called Muggelsee and I have often posted stories about my adventures there on this blog. Another leisurely walk along the south shore and the appropriate stop for afternoon coffee and cakes ended a most enjoyable day.

Here are a few photos including one of the very impressive Town Hall building. It is not far from the much older Castle/Palace Köpenick built on the side of the nearby river. Pity that few tourists ever come to visit this part of Berlin. It really is worth seeing.