Left bed


I had a pleasant drive on the R503 from Hollyford to Upperchurch. This is also a small town to the east of the Silvermine Mountains. Again, lush deep green grass fed to regular rains coming from the mountains.

I really liked this town. I found two O’D shops. I just had to go into the one with the business of undertakers and foodstore. (above). What a combination!  I met David O’D son of the owner called John O’D! Dad was out on business = putting someone into a coffin!

I chatted with David for some time. I learnt that the town marked the end of the O’D dominated settlement area and the further north in District Kilnamanagh  I went, I would meet more Ryans. This subsequently turned out to be true.

I then went to Joe O’Ds butchers shop. His wife was great and told me so much about the family and area. I told her she even looked like my Aunt Mary.

She beamed with happiness at that comment for I told her Aunt M was an angel 🙂